Self Defense Training

R-A-W Power is the women’s self defense and empowerment program my husband, Mike Belzer, and I started in 2000. It utilizes an incredibly effective training method called Adrenal Stress Scenario Training (ASST), that involves defending against fully armored mock-assailants in realistic scenarios that recreate some of the most common types of assaults women are likely to encounter in the real world. The non-physical portion of R-A-W Power is the inspiration for The Kung Food Way Self Defense Based Nutrition Strategies program.

In our R-A-W Power courses students learn and practice verbal boundary setting and deescalation skills to avoid or dissuade a potential assailant, as well as full force physical techniques in case they have no choice but to fight. There are no set forms or katas – rather, the goal of this method of training is to create a chaotic, unpredictable situation so students can experience an authentic adrenal stress response (tunnel vision, loss of fine motor skills, inability to think clearly, etc) like they would in a real assault situation. By practicing their verbal skills and physical techniques while experiencing the stress of a realistic assault, they are able to learn and implement the material much more quickly and effectively.

Realistic scenario training is considered state of the art for professions that regularly involve crisis situations, such as: emergency responders (fire fighters, EMT, paramedics), law enforcement and military personnel, ER doctors and nurses and airline crews, but it is also the fastest and most effective way for everyday women to learn how to defend themselves in a life and death crisis.

We offer workshop-based courses in the Los Angeles area several times a year and are also available for private trainings with groups of 8 or more students.

For more information or to discuss an upcoming class, please contact us.

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