Here are some of my favorite recipe websites!

I will indicate if they are strictly Vegetarian or Vegan. If you have never tried either, I encourage you to experiment and see how you like it. But remember that you can always add some animal protein to a recipe if you want to.


Eating Well They offer a nice variety of healthier omnivorous and vegetarian options.

Vegetarian Times As you might imagine, they are all vegetarian all the time (duh…).

The Post Punk Kitchen Great vegan recipes from cookbook author Isa Chandra Moskowitz.

Oh She Glows This a great vegan blog with gorgeous photos and delicious recipes.

Karma Chow Great vegan recipes from Tony Horton’s (Mr. P90X) personal chef.


Here is a list of websites that offer interesting/useful healthy food and lifestyle ideas:

These are health and nutrition sites that I have found to be helpful and informative. Some of them are a little kooky…but there is always a good nugget of information to be found!


The World’s Healthiest Foods This crazy looking site (and the book it’s based on) are a wealth of information about healthy food!!! Search by food, nutrient, recipe…have fun!

Health Castle This site has TONS of good info about healthy food & lifestyle.

Sustainable Table Good information about sustainable agriculture and lifestyle.

Dr. Mercola His ideas are sometimes considered wacky…but Dr. Mercola has some very interesting and well informed takes on health. I tend to watch him with a critical eye, but almost always learn something!

Consumer Lab These folks test, review and report on supplements and vitamins. It is a subscription service, but very useful if you want to know what’s really in the supplements you take.

Kings Road Apothecary Beautiful hand-cradfted herbal tinctures, elixers and salves made by a dear friend of mine. Her products are wonderful for self care and lovely as a gift, too!

Cauldrons & Crockpots This is the blog by the creator of Kings Road Apothecary. She has great recipes and information about harvesting and using herbs and wild ingredients.


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