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Thanks for checking out The Kung Food Way! For those who are new to me and my approach to safety and nutrition, my name is Meredith Gold. I am a certified holistic health and nutrition coach, as well as a full force, scenario-based self defense instructor. I’ve been teaching self defense for over 20 years and about 5 years ago I decided to expand my services into another area that had long interested me: Holistic Nutrition! For years I’d recognized that many of my students were disconnected from their bodies and their health and I wanted to be able to provide the information and support they would need to regain a sense of control and  empowerment in that important part of their lives. So, back to school I went…


While I was learning about the many short and long term benefits of eating whole, natural foods and how to incorporate them into a daily routine in order to live a longer, healthier, more balanced life, a really unexpected thing happened: I began to see that food and self defense are not that different! Whether the goal is to learn how to prevent an assault or protect your body against illness and disease, everyday safety and self defense strategies are the place to start. The correlation was unmistakable to me.


As a result, the The Kung Food Way was born! It is a combination of the two things I’m most passionate about: personal safety/empowerment and healthy eating (OK, that’s more like 3 things…). I describe the intersection of those concepts as: Self Defense Based Nutrition Strategies. My program draws parallels between everyday safety and self defense concepts like: awareness, avoidance, boundary setting, etc. and healthy food choices to help people learn how to view the foods they choose with a strategic and sometimes defensive eye. This is the foundation for developing a healthy, life-long relationship with food.


This is very personal for me – as an assault survivor myself and as someone who has made plenty of regrettable decisions when it comes to the foods I choose, I know this for sure: Education Is The Key To Making Good Choices. If I had been taught something as simple as how to walk with awareness as a young woman, I never would have been the ideal target for my assailant. And if I had been educated about how to make the most beneficial nutrition choices for my long term health and had been encouraged to incorporate those ideas as a lifestyle, not just a temporary “diet” to achieve a short term goal, I would have been able to avoid the weight roller coaster that so many of us have experienced.


The really good news is that IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!! You can learn how to insure your safety and health starting right now and I want to help you do that. I’ve had some interesting jobs over the course of my life, like being an apprentice electrician (I have the scars to prove it!), as well as an assistant film editor for many years and I’m grateful for every experience, but those jobs never felt rewarding to me (sorry Hollywood, it just wasn’t working for me). The one thing I’m certain I was put here to do is to teach and share information that others can use to change their lives. That is my goal with The Kung Food Way – to empower others with the knowledge they need to make safer and healthier choices for the rest of their lives. I hope you will join me!


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