Kung Food!

The Kung Food Way is a Self Defense-Based Nutrition Coaching program that draws parallels between everyday safety and self defense strategies and healthy, nutritious food choices. It’s not a short term “diet” and it does not insist on one dietary theory over another. Rather, Kung Food! encourages people to be pro-active and consciously participate in their health by applying simple self defense strategies when they shop and eat. The goal is to develop a more confident and empowered relationship with food.

The Kung Food Way philosophy is anchored in my “Core Strategies of Self Defense Based Nutrition”, which include: awareness, avoidance, boundary setting, using simple techniques and follow through. My role as a holistic nutrition coach is to support my clients as they take a close look at what, when and how they choose to eat and then discover what is truly driving the decisions they make every day. Once patterns and triggers are identified it becomes possible to see where self defense strategies can be employed to create new behaviors and habits. By taking this holistic view and not simply focusing on the foods that are being consumed, it becomes easier to identify if other stresses, distractions or longings are actually the cause of our health, weight and eating challenges.

With so much conflicting information available about what is “good” or “bad” to eat or what the latest “must have” miracle food or supplement is, my goal is to help people learn to view this avalanche of input with a discerning eye, based on their new-found knowledge of what works best for each of them as an individual. Clients learn about the pros and cons of a variety of popular nutrition theories and diets, as well as what foods are particularly healthful and nutrient dense, a.k.a. “Super Foods”. The program includes challenges in both the cooking and self defense realm, as well as “homework” that includes preparing recipes from scratch and touring your local supermarket and farmer’s market to learn how to identify better options. It’s fun and a great way to gain confidence and experiment with new foods and recipes. The program is available in both one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as in a supportive group environment online.

Self defense is my foundation and The Kung Food Way is the next piece in my vision of holistic personal empowerment training. Learning how to select or prepare foods that we know will be healthier for ourselves and our families and avoid those that will not help us reach our goals can be amazingly empowering. The knowledge is totally attainable, but like learning physical self defense, mastering the art of healthy eating requires practice, support and, most importantly, a deep belief that we are worth it. So, I created The Kung Food Way to provide a framework in which people can discover what a big role they play in their own health and longevity and gain a greater sense of control and confidence about the their future!

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