60 Day Group Nutrition Coaching Program

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Nutrition coaching is often a one-on-one service (which I’m also happy to provide for those who prefer), but for many people the cost of private coaching can be prohibitive. The Kung Food Way program is designed to be as accessible and beneficial for as many people as possible and creating a group environment is the best way I know to make that happen.

I love teaching in a group format because I really believe in the value of a shared experience. Having the support of a like-minded community, as well as the inspiration that comes from hearing about other peoples’ choices and challenges, can make a big difference in our success. A group can also provide the accountability that many of us find motivating.

Changing old behaviors and developing a more confident and empowered relationship with food takes time, so The Kung Food Way 60 Day Group Nutrition Coaching Program is designed to give participants the time they need to experiment with new ideas and new foods. It’s all done in an interactive online environment where people from all over the world can become part of a supportive team while learning and practicing how to make self defense based nutrition choices. The program is taught using online group coaching conferences, a private Facebook group page and e-mailed recipes and information. There will be shopping and cooking “homework” as well as self defense based challenges. It’s a fun and inspiring way to learn how to live a safer, more empowered and delicious life! Are you in?


Is The Kung Food Way Right For Me?

Are you ready to take charge of your health and nutrition?
Do you feel overwhelmed by conflicting information?
Is it a challenge for you to set boundaries?
Have you had trouble following through on your own?
Do you feel powerless when it comes to certain foods?
Would being accountable to a group help you stay on track?


What Will This Program Teach Me?

Make food choices in a proactive, safety minded way
Use simple self defense concepts in everyday life
Understand different dietary theories to find what works best for you
“Crowd Out” unhealthy foods and increase your intake of nutritious, whole foods
Shop for and prepare healthy & economical meals
Create balance and make your health a priority
Set and work toward goals in a way that is empowering


What Are The Benefits?

Gain confidence & control while shopping, cooking and eating
Increase your personal safety and awareness
Create a new relationship with “problem foods”
Change old eating habits and patterns
Gain knowledge about nutrient dense whole foods vs. less nutritious options
Understand and reduce cravings
Lose weight (if that is a goal)
Increase energy
Improve digestion and elimination


Why Participate With a Group?

Share Ideas
More Economical


If It’s Done Online, How Will We Stay Connected?

Live one-hour online group coaching conferences every week on Saturday mornings at 10:00am PST
E-mail support/individual check-ins between group coaching session
Weekly group e-mails containing handouts and recipes
Private Facebook group page where everyone can ask questions and share ideas, photos, recipes, etc


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